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1) What types of incentives does New Brunswick offer businesses?

Businesses that expand or locate in New Brunswick have access to a variety of customized incentives that can help your business save money and time. Connect with us to learn about our customized offerings.

2) What are New Brunswick’s tax rates?

New Brunswick has the lowest corporate tax rate in Atlantic Canada and is competitive with all other provinces. Combined with other incentives that may be available and lower overall business operating costs, Opportunities NB can guide you in growing, expanding or locating your business in New Brunswick.

3) What business opportunities do you target?

Opportunities NB targets strategic and high-growth businesses. Strategic considerations include, but are not limited to, cluster creation opportunities, fit with targeted sectors and align with New Brunswick’s economic landscape. Business Development Executives at Opportunities NB are proactive in high-growth opportunities put forward by the corporation.

4) How does Opportunities NB sell New Brunswick as a location in which to grow, expand or establish a business?

Opportunities NB offers a customized approach, depending on the opportunity. Different selling propositions highlight the opportunities of growing, expanding or locating operations in the province. New Brunswick has many business advantages to companies, such as its geographic location, transportation infrastructure (road, air, sea), bilingual labour force, available workforce skill set, lower cost environment, communication and energy infrastructure, higher education network and access to training. Each of these features appeals to specific companies, depending on their needs and sectors of operation.

5) Why do you work with companies that are already located in the province? What about bringing in new companies?

New Brunswick has a diverse array of small, medium and large business that are in various growth stages. We work with businesses to facilitate their growth, by helping them become export ready, meet potential buyers, increase productivity and train their workforce, among other roles.

Foreign-owned companies or subsidiaries based in the province are an excellent opportunity for new foreign direct investments; and are a part of Opportunities NB’s mandate. Opportunities NB considers all investments from outside New Brunswick as foreign direct investment (FDI). Any company with ownership of more than 51% from outside the province is considered an FDI and part of Opportunities NB’s mandate.

Working with in-province companies and FDIs helps build a diverse and stable economy.

6) Who are the members of the Board of Directors?

7) Does Opportunities NB recommend or influence the location where investments are made in the province? If so, how do you decide where and why?

Opportunities NB offers companies both provincial and regional information. Each region has inherent features that naturally attract the interest of certain companies and influence their final decision. Generally, key elements considered include availability or labour, workforce skills, transportation infrastructure and land and real estate costs. The decision about where a company will base its operation is made by the company, not by Opportunities NB.

8) What do you use to measure internally? How do you measure your success?

Opportunities NB has implemented core reporting mechanisms to support a corporate scorecard process that measures the success of its efforts against its targets using Key Performance Indicators (KPI). The corporation will report on various quantitative metrics in its annual report, including:

  1. Contribution to GDP
  2. Capital expenditures
  3. Direct employment
  4. Average salary
  5. Number of new investments
  6. Return on taxpayer investment per dollar invested
  7. Impaired load ratio

Internally, all departments have individual score cards that rollup to the core objectives of the corporation.

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