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New Brunswick’s new, modern toll-free four-lane highways are fully integrated with U.S. and eastern and central Canadian networks. I-95 continues in New Brunswick, connecting to the Trans-Canada Highway. Inbound shipping is particularly economical because of low back-haul rates into the traditionally export-dominant province.

Sample of Driving Times and Distances:

From To Time Distance
Edmundston Montreal 5 h 30 min 547 km (340 miles)
Saint John New York 11 h 985 km (612 miles)
Fredericton Toronto 14 h 30 min 1,380 km (851 miles)
Moncton Boston 8 h 30 min 867 km (539 miles)

Border Crossings

Goods move cross-border at two major commercial crossings between Maine and New Brunswick, in as little as 15 minutes. Faster clearance times thanks to NAFTA-led technology improvements continue to serve border business, positioning New Brunswick as the cost-efficient gateway from both eastern Canada and Europe to the United States.

Visit Canada Border Services Agency for more information.

Major Border Crossings to the U.S.

Woodstock, New Brunswick – Houlton, Maine, U.S. (I-95).

St. Stephen, New Brunswick – Calais, Maine, U.S. (Route 9). 

Transportation Companies

New Brunswick is home to some of Canada’s largest trucking operations, including Day & Ross Transportation Group, Midland, Armour Transportation Systems, and Brookville Transport.

The Atlantic Provinces Transportation Commission motor carriers database lists approximately 3,000 carriers serving the Atlantic region.

More information on trucking in New Brunswick.

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