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NB Logistics: Locator Map

Major highways are fully integrated with U.S. and central Canadian networks. The province’s largest cities are connected by modern four-lane highways, directly off the U.S. I-95.

Efficient and user-friendly transborder air access is available through airports, offering regularly scheduled passenger and freight flights to Canadian and European cities and the United States.

Railways: CN Railways, one of the most established and extensive carriers in North America, links with both the Atlantic and Pacific U.S. seaboards, central Canada, and the Gulf of Mexico.

New Brunswick is the gateway to the United States

As the regional air and road transportation hub of the Maritimes, New Brunswick’s just-in-time deliveries are the norm when it comes to effective, supply-chain management.

Small parcel freight forwarding between New Brunswick and destinations around the world is available through a number of services. Companies like UPS, FedEx, Air Canada Cargo, and Purolator Courier offer specialized services employing both ground and air. Bus parcel services are also convenient and cost effective.

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