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New Brunswick’s five ports permit inexpensive and convenient shipping of raw materials and finished goods to the United States, Europe, the Caribbean and beyond.

The Port of Saint John, Atlantic Canada’s largest by tonnage, handles an average of 28 million tonnes of cargo each year. The Port offers year-round, deepwater service with access to 350 ports worldwide.

The Port of Belledune offers some of the shortest shipping routes between large European and North American markets. The year-round marine transport facility is a modern, deep water point of access to key north-eastern markets and global markets. The Port has proven itself capable of handling any and all goods, offering flexible services, creative solutions, and excellent rates.

Sample of Sailing Distances from New Brunswick

From To Distance (nautical miles)
Saint John Miami 1,363
Saint John New York 537
Miramichi Paris 2,996
Saint John Panama Canal 2,338

Port of Saint John

Located in the southern part of the province of New Brunswick, the Port of Saint John is a facilitator of trade and part of Canada’s Atlantic Gateway transportation infrastructure which provides a marine gateway to global markets in 350 ports around the world.

Port Saint John, Atlantic Canada’s leading port by tonnage and fourth largest port in the Canadian Port System, has a diverse business base and handles an average of 28 million metric tonnes of cargo annually. Cargo sectors include dry and liquid bulks such as petroleum, potash and recycled metals as well as forest products, consumer goods, aquaculture/agriculture and value added food products via containers. The Port also has a break bulk and project cargo handling capabilities and a long history and strong skill base in this area.

With year-round, deep water, proximity to inland Canadian and US markets, a variety inter modal links including direct access to a twinned highway system and competitive rail options (Canadian National, Canadian Pacific and NB Southern), and a service-driven marketing team, the Port of Saint John offers shippers and receivers access to markets in excess of 100 million consumers.

Read more about the facilities at the Port of Saint John.

Port of Belledune

The Port of Belledune, located in the Chaleur Bay in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, is the major port in northern New Brunswick.

It is also part of a major industrial park that is home to a number of industries and that has an unlimited growth potential.

Specializing in bulk commodities, the Port of Belledune also handles general cargo year round. Read more about the facilities at the Port of Belledune.

Bayside Port Corporation

The Bayside Port Corporation, located south on the St. Croix River of the Bay of Fundy, overall outside berth length is 242 metres long with a depth of over eight metres at low tide.

Port of Dalhousie

The Port of Dalhousie includes two facilities: the East Wharf (length 340 metres, depth 9.1 metres) and the West Wharf (length 355 metres, depth 10.3 metres).

Port of Miramichi

The Port of Miramichi – Newcastle Site. The site contains approximately 21,625 square metres (5.34 acres) of property, with a berthage length of 313 metres and a depth of nine metres.

Two unheated storage sheds are located on the property containing 10,300 square metres and 2,325 square metres of enclosed storage area. There is an open storage area of 9,000 square metres.

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