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Subsector: Captive shared services

Canada is ranked high globally for trustworthiness and confidence in terms of soundness of its banking industry. New Brunswick, Canada is North America’s near shore centre for business services. Your most central point between the Americas and Europe, New Brunswick’s near shore advantages are clear.

Many of the world’s top organizations such as Salesforce and CIBC have chosen New Brunswick as a strategic near shore location for application development centers and captive business services operations.

You’re in Good Company

Our geographic location and our time zone are ideal for setting up a business in New Brunswick.

Read our top 10 reasons why New Brunswick is the right place to grow your business. And learn why New Brunswick was named the lowest business cost location in Canada and the U.S.

The following tables depict cost savings benchmarking shared services operations. The savings do not include incentives offered.

IndicatorNew BrunswickHalifax RegionGreater Montreal AreaGreater Toronto AreaMetro VancouverSource
Gross Asking Office Rent (per square foot/year, all classes)$23.58$27.26$27.46$38.55$37.26Cushman and Wakefield, Office Snapshot Q3 2016
Average Energy Utility Costs (Medium Power Customer with 1000 kW of demand on April 1, 2016)$0.1160$0.1266$0.0792$0.1440$0.0847Quebec Hydro, Comparison of Electricity Prices 2016
Average Job Tenure in 2015 by province (Not available by CMA/Region)9.33 years9.03 years8.93 years8.24 years8.24 yearsStatistics Canada CANSIM Table 282-0042
Average Weekly Wage with overtime across all sectors in 2015 by province (Not available by CMA/Region)$855.21$835.01$867.67$910.43$910.43Statistics Canada CANSIM Table 281-0027

IndicatorSizeNew BrunswickHalifax RegionGreater Montreal AreaGreater Toronto AreaMetro Vancouver
Office Space / Lease50,000 Square Feet$1,179,000.00$1,363,000.00$1,373,000.00$1,927,500.00$1,863,000.00
Energy Utiltiy*1000 kW; 400,000 kWh$556,843.80$607,458.48$380,124.00$691,147.20$406,789.44
Wages / Payroll**100 Employees$4,447,092.00$4,342,052.00$4,511,884.00$5,006,196.00$4,734,236.00
Annual Cost of an Operation$6,182,935.80$6,312,510.48$6,265,008.00$7,624,843.20$7,004,025.44
*Quebec Hydro's Comparison of Electricity Prices montly bill estimate times 12.
**Average weekly wage times 52 = annual wage.

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