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Our team works with prospective new employers to access a variety of recruitment services available from the provincial government, the regional economic development agencies and the private sector in New Brunswick.

Contact us for information about financial programs for hiring and training.

Regional recruitment

Local job fairs, job advertisements and pre-screening are commonplace in New Brunswick communities. Contact us for information about how our regional economic development agencies can help employers connect with job seekers.

Post-secondary recruitment

Four universities and 11 colleges in New Brunswick actively match students and graduates with potential employers. New Brunswick’s post-secondary institutions can be an untapped source of highly skilled and readily available workers. Our investment officers will identify the schools that best meet your human resource needs.

Repatriation and immigration

The Government of New Brunswick actively recruits expatriate New Brunswickers to return home to fill available job openings. It also works with the federal government to fast-track skilled immigrant workers who have secured job offers.

Our investment team can help you benefit from these initiatives so you’ll have access to the skilled employees you need.

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