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Export Portal FAQ

1. Am I required to participate in the Exporter Portal?

You are not required to. It is completely voluntary. Those who do participate will be able to take advantage of being a part of the business directory that is sortable / searchable by business type or product by buyers around the world. The Exporter Portal will offer valuable information about export markets and exporting tools, funding sources, upcoming events, training, webinars and seminars, as well as providing a forum for feedback and discussion and links to export-related resources and contacts.

2. Who can see my information?

Information pertaining to your company name, location, products/services offered will be visible to the public through a search function. This is important for prospective buyers.

Information pertaining to exporter training, events that you may have (or will) participate in, etc. will only be visible to you and ONB representatives.

In keeping with Canadian and Provincial privacy act and regulations, each exporter will have the option to be included in, or excluded from this directory. Only information expressly consented to will be made publically available.  This information can include only the general publically available information about your business as found online or in existing public sources – such as Service New Brunswick or Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (formerly Industry Canada), or Global Affairs Canada (formerly the department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada) – or if you prefer – can contain additional information about the current markets you serve, and the markets you want to expand to.

3. How do I access this Exporter Portal

Prior to launching we will provide you with a username and password, as well as a guide on how to use the site.

When you receive this information, you will have to log in, verify any information that is there, add/update your information and select the option to give ONB permission to share your information.

All information that is added to the Portal is first reviewed by ONB to ensure accuracy and legitimacy prior to going live.

4. How will you promote this new tool?

In-province, we will communicate in a number of ways. First and foremost, your Business Development Executives will provide you with information and act as your first point of contact. Secondly, our Marketing team will share and provide information through a variety of traditional and new media updates.

To reach audiences around the globe, we will tap into our extensive networks via personal contacts, Trade Commissions, Trade events, traditional and new media marketing tools.

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