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Recent Mission Highlights

China Trade Mission (October 7-15, 2016)

Premier Brian Gallant lead New Brunswick’s largest-ever multisector delegation to China, with more than 15 businesses and two universities participating in the nine-day mission.

  • New Brunswick’s multi-sector delegation to China.
    New Brunswick’s multi-sector delegation to China.

The recent mission was highly successful; it helped the businesses make solid connections in the Chinese market, created stronger trade relationships with this economic powerhouse, and laid the groundwork for future collaboration.

The New Brunswick businesses that took part in the mission attended over 150 meetings, obtained over 70 new qualified business leads, and secured over $850,000 in new business orders from 23 business deals. The total number of deals expected to be closed as a result of the mission is over 60 – with 209 million dollars of anticipated increased sales. Five companies were new exporters to China.

Oxford Frozen Foods, David Hoffman:

“Lots of good leads and possibilities...We are following up in the market immediately by joining the Federal mission in early November which includes the show in Shanghai where we had already committed to a booth in the Canadian pavilion...I’m quite sure I would not have been in China at that time were it not for the Trade Mission, and I think there are some potential home-run leads that have come out of it. It reflects well on the province to support the sale of wild blueberries in China.”

Cooke Aquaculture, Adam Kennedy:

“The most productive business trip...with well targeted business meetings...Met new clients and prospective clients from industries and formats we could not have reached without the participation of Government and ONB.

That was the best business trip I have ever taken. This was an extremely well run and productive trip that has greatly benefitted all of our NB businesses. The Premier's delegation delivered excellent opportunities to present our company to strategic, world class retailers, distributors and E-commerce platforms. We have significantly upgraded our Chinese customer base as a result of this very well run and successful mission. I'm already looking forward to our follow up!”

Wee College, Melody Munro:

“Thank you for such a valued opportunity that Opportunities NB granted to our company being the occasion to attend the mission. The experience has been forever life allowed me to meet amazing entrepreneurs and business provided a vehicle to explore the China market allowing Wee College to discover, learn and grow internationally...Our mission proved successful whereas we have signed an MOU with...the Province of Shandong.”

Prelam Enterprises Ltd., Luc Jalbert:

"It was very beneficial for us! I’m working on the leads and hope to start selling very soon. Thank you for a super well organized mission, count me in in any future missions! You have done a superb job at getting all of us on track for great opportunities to sell and export in China!"

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