Top 10 Benefits

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Top 10 Benefits

Looking to grow, expand or locate your business? In New Brunswick, your growth is our business. Our team of professionals will guide you through the steps.

Seeking quality suppliers? New Brunswick’s ideal operating environment results in low-cost and high-quality exporters who are ready to work with your business.

1. Low cost of doing business

New Brunswick was recently named the lowest business cost location in Canada and the U.S. in KPMG’s 2016 Competitive Alternatives study on featured cities. On average, New Brunswick cities have a 18% operating cost advantage over the G7 countries average.

2. A skilled and motivated workforce

With the highest average job tenure in Canada at 9.3 years, and more than double the U.S. average tenure of 4.6 years, you can rely on our workforce to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction while decreasing your training and recruiting costs (2015 Statistics Canada and 2014 Bureau of Labor Statistics).

3. World-class communications infrastructure

New Brunswick has always been first to market in providing access to leading connection technologies like fiber connectivity, high-speed data, rural broadband access and 4G satellite data offered through multiple suppliers.

4. Competitive tax structure

You will save more money up front in New Brunswick as our rate for general corporate income tax is the lowest available rate in Atlantic Canada.

5. Higher education resources

Four universities and 11 colleges graduate more than 7,000 students annually and are willing to customize programs to fit your training needs.

6. Multimodal transportation infrastructure

New Brunswick is closer to Europe than any U.S. seaport, with same-day access to more than 100 million North Americans. We are connected by U.S. I-95, air, rail, and five seaports.

7. Tailor made incentives

New Brunswick’s pro-business climate provides a number of incentives for businesses. We provide financial support through an array of financial assistance and tax credit programs, including income tax credits, wage assessments and skills training investment credits.

8. Affordable land and real estate

New Brunswick offers shovel-ready, project-ready, and move-in-ready locations for your business, saving you significant real estate costs. For example, costs on facility lease are on average 43% lower compared with costs across the G7 countries. (KPMG Competitive Alternatives 2016).

9. Location, location, location

Location in business, not just real estate, location matters. Strategically located on Canada’s east coast, New Brunswick’s location makes it the ideal business choice to reach multiple time zones during the workday. Because of our time zone, companies located in New Brunswick easily do business with Western Europe and the Americas.

10. Unsurpassed quality of life

Life outside the office just couldn’t be better than it is in New Brunswick. Imagine a place where you’re only five minutes from work and five minutes from play. Some New Brunswick communities have been named among Canada’s “Best Places To Live” (MoneySense), enjoying shorter commutes, affordable housing, less traffic, and an exceptional quality of life.

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