Moncton Makes a Play for Skilled U.S. Workers

January 20, 2017

Moncton’s 3Plus Corporation has made skilled worker attraction the focus of its exciting new advertising campaign. With a focus on the United States, the campaign featured an image of Uncle Sam with a Canadian flag in the background accompanied by the message “Greater Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada Wants You!”

Keri Alberts, 3Plus Vice President of Workforce Recruitment and Retention, spoke to us about the campaign and its reception.

How effective has the campaign been so far?

I think it had a bit of a shock factor. This campaign has all been pushed via social media. Due to campaign’s reach we have received coverage from newspapers and the CBC. I would say this campaign has been more successful than previous ones.

While this was directed at the U.S., we are still always looking for people across Canada as well. If there are Canadians ready to fill positions at Greater Moncton businesses we would love to have them, but are we still willing to look internationally.

We wanted to bring awareness to a couple of things. First, we have 700 positions here that need to be filled, and we are willing to look anywhere to find the right people with the skills needed for these roles. We also want to make it known that we have companies here that want to grow, but need more skilled workers in order to do so.

So the campaign is targeted at people with the skill sets Moncton companies need; programmers, software developers, nurse aids, resident care attendants, financial services, truck drivers, and service centre agents. These are the specific roles that Moncton businesses are looking to fill right now.

After the campaign was released we saw increased awareness from local people, which is another thing we were looking for. Several locals looking for new opportunities spoke up and asked "what about us?" We happily directed them to the right channels.

What are the benefits of living and working in Moncton? Feel free to brag!

You mean besides being the best city in the entire province? We have low housing costs; you can buy a house here for less than many cities this size. We also have a great quality of life here and that provides a great atmosphere for raising a family. Moncton is a safe place to work, play, and develop. With new startups growing all the time, we are hoping to attract young families that can work and grow at the same time, and stay in Moncton as a permanent residence.

Have you had any response from people that have left the province for new opportunities?

We have had parents calling regarding potential opportunities for their kids that left the province. Obviously bringing their kids back home is something many parents would love. What we've been doing is directing them to [Also, check out]

We've always had available jobs in New Brunswick, but I feel there is a disconnect between what’s available and what people know about. In the Maritimes we have a hard time tooting our own horn and talking about the success that we have here. Other cities, like Toronto, will promote themselves aggressively, but we don't seem to do the same thing. That’s something we need to keep working on.

In the next 10 years there will be a great amount of growth and available positions here as more of our population retires. We need to be proactive now and have people lined up to fill these positions.

Since this is the NB Proud Blog, what makes you NB Proud?

Why shouldn't we all be NB Proud? We have a great quality of life, we can purchase affordable homes, there isn't congestion like bigger cities; we can work, live, and play here! When it comes to education we have tremendous colleges and universities, and a great public school system for our children.

You can really experience all the different seasons have to offer here, even if there are some we like more than others. It speaks volumes about how much we love it this province, even if we're shoveling snow, we still stay here.

I can't think of another place on the planet I'd rather live than here.

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